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Who are we?

Isn't it interesting to know who is hiding behind this computer screen?
ExotiKa who is it? What's this ?

We solve the mystery here!

We are Laura & Ben, we share our life in the broad sense since in addition to being business partners we are also and above all partners in life!
It all started in Bali in 2016, since the path has been made of small and great joys, questioning, difficulties, evolution, projects, surprises, but also successes, and always TOGETHER!

At first we developed close partnerships with family businesses in Bali, Indonesia. Our activity was centered on the craftsmanship of this magnificent culture. The idea being to make our customers travel thanks to unique products but also to preserve a fair "Trade".

Current events have pushed us to take a slightly different direction.
Today we are 100% specialists in stainless steel jewellery .
Between creations or collaborations with other designers , we are proud to offer you quality jewelry at very low prices.  

Our common ambition has led us to what we are today, a company that continues to evolve, however without losing this HUMAN side that has brought us together and shaped us from the beginning 


Co-Fondateur de la boutique Exotika.


Co-Fondatrice de la boutique Exotika